Shampoo/Massage Brush
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Shampoo/Massage Brush

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  • Elastic spikes and round tips for comfortable massage and cleaning
  • Clip between fingers for easy grip
  • Attached suction cup for hanging
  • Assorted colours - purple, pink & blue (supplied at random)

    What are the benefits of a scalp massaging shampoo brush?

    1. Enhances blood circulation
    2. Strengthens hair roots
    3. Helps break the dandruff cycle
    4. Lubricates the scalp
    5. Softens and conditions hair
    6. Relaxing and rejuvenating

      What is a scalp massaging shampoo brush?

      A scalp shampoo brush is a modern handheld hair-care tool that’s used to distribute the shampoo evenly on your scalp. It’s specially designed for lathering and exfoliating your scalp. They are one of the greatest hair-care products for a healthy scalp.

      If you’ve never used one you might be a bit skeptical because your fingers have been doing a great job massaging shampoo on your scalp for years. However, your hands and fingers may get tired or become weak preventing you from thoroughly cleansing your scalp. As a result, excess debris, residual shampoo, and other follicle-clogging materials are left to build up on your scalp.

      A scalp massaging shampoo brush, on the other hand, leaves you with a relaxing and indulgent feel on a thoroughly cleansed scalp. You don’t have to wait for your upscale salon appointment to reap this benefit. All you need is to purchase this simple massage shampoo brush and get to enjoy home scalp massage sessions whenever you do your hair care routine.