ellips Hair Treatment Capsules

ellips Hair Vitamin capsules are available in five different variants. They help to restore strength and vitality in brittle hair, help fight frizz in fine hair, care for highlighted and coloured hair as well as a range of other benefits. 

All our treatment capsules are Argan oil based and they all contain Pro-Vitamin B5, along with Vitamins A and E, which guarantees that hair remains nourished from within. The Argan oil helps fight frizz and strengthens the hair.

The leave-in hair oils can be used on all hair types - curly, straight, fine, frizzy etc. You can also style as required or leave to air-dry. 

Pink Hair Repair - to treat hair damaged from heated styling tools
Purple Nutri Colour - for coloured or highlighted hair
Yellow Smooth & Shiny - fights frizz and smooths fine healthy hair
Orange Hair Vitality - for dry and brittle hair, works well for curly hair and to stimulate hair growth
Shiny Black - for very thick or dark hair, also works well for curly hair