1. Which treatment capsule should I use on my hair?

Something to note:

  • All ellips treatments are Moroccan oil based and contain Pro-Vitamins which help fight frizz and nourish the hair
  • All treatments capsules provide heat protection against styling tools (hairdryer, straightener, curling iron etc)


The various colours are formulated for the following:


  1. Can you use different treatments at the same time?

Yes, you can but we don’t advise using it at the same time. One capsule is usually sufficient for most people but you can alternate treatment colours. 


  1. How do I use an ellips capsule?
  • Use after shampooing and conditioning on lightly towel dried hair.
  • Open the biodegradable capsule and spread the hair treatment on your palms
  • Evenly distribute through your hair
  • Leave to dry, do not rinse off. Style as normal.


  1. How long can I use them for?

You can use ellips capsules after every hair wash. There is no limit to how long you should use them as they contain natural ingredients. The longer you use these treatments, the better the quality of your hair.


  1. Which product helps with hair loss/stimulates hair growth?

The combination of the orange Hair Vitality treatment capsules and the Ultra Treatment are known for stimulating hair growth. We suggest alternating them after each hair wash.


  1. Are ellips products cruelty free?



  1. Are ellips products safe to use on botox, micro keratin and Brazilian treated hair?

Yes. All our products are sulphate free. 


  1. Are the treatment capsules biodegradable?

Yes. The capsules are gelatine based and therefore biodegradable.


     9. What shampoo must I use on my hair? 

We suggest using any sulphate free shampoo - they are available at various price points from Clicks or Dischem stores. We only supply a clarifying shampoo which can be used twice a month to remove any build-up in your hair.