About Us

ellips is a family run business based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are the official importers and distributors of ellips Hair Vitamins from Indonesia.

We also import a range of Lunix Professional products from Brazil which includes a Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment, BTox Hair Relaxer and a Formaldehyde Freee Brazilian Treatment called W.Two. This range is available to the public as well as hairdressers in South Africa. 

By now many of you have met me (or received a parcel packed by me) but if you haven’t I thought I should introduce myself, I always enjoy seeing and learning about women in small (and local) businesses and I hope this gives you some insight into me and this brand baby of mine.

I’m Roxy, I’m 37 years old, Mom to daughters, Sloane and Quinn and wife to Gareth. If you want to catch a glimpse into our lives you can find me on Instagram @roxycullinan

  • I started ellips because...I found the product in Bali 7 years ago and it was so amazing that we decided to start importing it.
  • When I’m not plotting and planning ellips things, you’ll more than likely find me...in the park with the girls or doing playdates. Mom boss in the morning, mom in the afternoons!
  • Before I started ellips in 2018 I was...working for an advertising agency and was managing the Lindt PR account.
  • The ellips products I swear by are the...pink and orange treatment capsules and the hair masks (I use it as a conditioner). I use the Milkshake Leave-in Conditioner on my girls’ hair too.
  • Three words to describe myself are...reliable, loyal and creative.
  • What I’ve learned in the last three years of business is that… You have to try everything at least once and if you fall, you have to pick yourself up again and try a different way (enter Covid!). Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones and if you believe in your product, things will eventually take a turn for the best and work out.
  • Some brilliant business advice I’ve been given is...Do as much as you can yourself, it’s the only way to truly understand all the avenues of your business. That being said, it’s also okay to ask for help when you need it. 
  • Words I live by are…everything happens for a reason. 
  • I want my girls to think of me as…a mom boss! I want them to see that woman can run successful businesses and be there for their kids.