ellips Yellow Smooth & Shiny – box of 72 capsules
ellips Yellow Smooth & Shiny – box of 72 capsules
ellips Yellow Smooth & Shiny – box of 72 capsules
ellips Hair Treatments

ellips Yellow Smooth & Shiny – box of 72 capsules

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The yellow is the lightest hair treatment in the range which is ideal for healthy or fine hair. Formulated to help fight frizz in fine hair, the treatment includes Aloe Vera to keep hair moisturised and protected from the sun. 

The box contains 12 x sheets with 6 capsules each. 72 capsules in total. Great to add to gym bags, handbags and share colours amongst friends. Each capsule is 1ml.

What are ellips hair treatments?

ellips hair treatments are leave-in hair oils and vitamins from Indonesia which are suitable for a wide variety of hair types – these include straight, curly, frizzy, natural and coloured hair. They have been scientifically formulated to fight the effects of modern living and are enriched with Argan Oil which helps fight frizz, provide heat protection for styling and strengthen the hair.

All ellips products are Halaal, cruelty-free and the treatment capsules are gelatine-based and biodegradable to ensure that they remain environmentally friendly at all times. 

Pink Hair Repair - to treat hair damaged from heated styling tools
Purple Nutri Colour - for coloured or highlighted hair
Yellow Smooth & Shiny - fights frizz and smooths fine hair
Orange Hair Vitality - for dry and brittle hair, works well for curly hair and to stimulate hair growth
Shiny Black - for very thick or dark hair, also works well for curly hair