Tips for preventing dryness in curly hair

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What  you need to know to ensure your curly hair is free from the so-called ‘dryness’ which results in it being difficult to manage. 

Have you ever read a quote that said ‘our life is not perfect but our hair can be”? We can’t help but agree! Having curly hair is tricky, because in fact it is not as  simple as we imagine. Curly hair easily experience dryness, breakages, and can be incredibly difficult to manage. We have a few tips to help.

Washing your hair frequently can lead to dry hair and ongoing damage such as breakage and split ends. Textured hair usually needs more natural oils compared to other hair types. The solution is to just wash your hair once or twice a week. After washing, make sure you use an ellips hair treatment which will add the moisture back into your hair.  

Are you on team air-dry or team blow-dry? It doesn’t matter how you dry your hair but make sure you are doing it the right way. Don’t rub your hair with a towel because it will reduce the natural oil of your hair. Use microfibre towel or cotton fabric and scrunch it slowly. If you are in a rush, you can use hairdryer with a diffuser so that each strand of your hair is not directly exposed to the heat of the hairdryer and doesn’t tangle when dry . 

Cotton pillow cases can absorb the natural oil in your hair when you are asleep. Try to wrap your hair with a silk scarf or if you can, sleep on a satin pillow slip. Satin pillow cases also have a load of benefits to your skin.

Choose shampoo that’s sulphate-free, to avoid making your hair dry. Curly hair is different from the other hair types because it needs extra moisture. In order to avoid dry and tangled hair, use an ellips Hair Treatment on towel-dried hair to lock in the moisture and to keep your curls in shape. We would also suggest adding one of our ellips Hair Masks at least once a week to ensure that moisture is restored.

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