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Ellips Hair Treatment Hair Treatement

ellips Pink Hair Repair 

Designed to provide intensive moisture to hair that has been damaged from excessive heat styling. Vitamin C and Jojoba Oil deliver rapid repair action to transform dry and damaged hair into smooth, shiny locks. 

In addition, the inclusion of Pro-Vitamin B5, along with Vitamins A and E, guarantees that hair remains nourished from within whilst Moroccan Oil helps combat frizz and strengthen hair. Available in a 12 capsule pack, 50 capsule jar and Hair Mask.

Other products in the range 

Ellips Smooth and Shiny Treatment


The ellips HAIR MASK is an intensive treatment enriched with pro- keratin complex to treat and nourish the hair. Only two minutes once a week for healthy, silky hair. Available in three variants: Pink Hair Repair, Yellow Smooth and Silky and Silky Black.

Ellips Hair Vitality Treatment


The ellips MILKSHAKE leave-on conditioner contains milk protein, wheat protein and Pro-Vitamin B5 to nourish and treat damaged hair. Hair becomes healthy, silky and more manageable. Shake & spray anytime, everywhere.

Display of the Ellips Hair Treatment Products


The ellips ULTRA TREATMENT with everlasting flower oil, Green Tea oil and Pro-Vitamin B5, A and E fights the aging signs of hair. This combination of oils provides nutrition to dull, brittle and dry hair to ensure healthy and manageable locks. 

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